Review: The Glass Candy Conundrum


Glass Candy, from sexy recorded album to the shrieks resembling a bird of prey.  I’ve encountered the band live twice, first at FYF 2012 and at the more recent Urban Outfitters Afterfest.  The first time around, I’ve never wanted to leave the stage so fast.  But, the productions are so good, another chance was given, especially since it was the low low price of free99.

Well, they aren’t all bad live.  The stage setup and the visuals were top notch psychedelia.  Once the curtains opened, Glass Candy threw around giant balloons. The white cardboard boxes in the back and the projections of Winamp visualizations fit the style of music and energy.  Both Johnny Jewel and Ida No had good stage presence and both looked like they were having a great time.  When the band is having a good time, so does the crowd.  Ida really portrays a cute a bubbly performance.  This is especially so during the track “Geto Boys” which is just a lot of fun live.  Alas, the fun really detracted from the shrieking.


While I’m all for having a different experience at a live show from the album, the mating calls really tired out the element of fun.  Additionally, her vocal range went from snippets of audible bliss, to bad karaoke.  In addition to the bad vocals, the sound mixing was equally as bad.  The subs were turned too loud as if the mixer believed that bass fixes everything.  It could have been a combination of the acoustics also.

On one hand, I love their tracks such as “The Possessed,” “Beautiful Object,” and the aforementioned “Geto Boys,” but their act ends up being a mess.  What drew me in to their music was the seductive dreaminess from Ida’s vocals that are completely ruined by her live yelps.  Maybe it’s something about Johnny Jewel: He has a lot of fun with Glass Candy and not enough fun with The Chromatics.



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