Locals Only: Tiff@Shows Housewarming Party


Candid shots only.

Another day, another trip to the middle of nowhere to see the progress of the adolescent music scene.  We love coming to Tiff@Shows parties partly because of the grime, and partly because there’s always needs to be an excuse to take a detour over to Donut Man.  Plus, this was a good place to experiment with my new camera.  Unfortunately, since the camera takes panoramas, my shots from the hip seems to have a tendency to cut peoples heads off.  But hey, at least its super widescreen.  

The first band we were able to catch were The Artificial Reefs.  Hearing that they were from OC, my wall of bias erected in seconds.  Luckily I decided to pay attention because they are a jam band and as previously mentioned, jam bands need to make an overdue comeback.  If the rest of the bands played this well, then we were in for a treat.


The treat was had.  I see a lanky guy wearing a green trench coat and clown pants and immediately thought he was the lead singer of one of the bands.  I was wrong, he was the band.  You know that Rexx has got “it” when he demands attention.  What better way to get it is to open with Pavarotti.   If he keeps doing him, he will get somewhere.

The crowd was little more even now since it’s a frat house, but the it was disjointed between people who were there to see music and people who were enjoying themselves in a shack.  A little lame when they left their music on as a band was playing.  The bands the rest of the night that I saw were far too average for me to care and my craving for donuts overcame me.  But, take a listen to the others and decide for yourself.  Links at the bottom.

21780007 21780008

The Nest
Artificial Reefs
The Frights
Surf Curse


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