HARD Summer 2013



Another season, another successful weekend of debauchery.  The usual suspects showed up: droves of mostly naked girls, $5 water, booze, drugs, and sex — HARD Summer in a nutshell.  Los Angeles Historic Park is a decent enough venue (minus being in Chinatown and having wood chips everywhere) since public transportation and parking are a relatively easy commodity.  The park is home to festivals such as H20 Fest and FYF.  LAHP is going to be known for it’s festivals from now on, I guess.





Upon entering the grounds, our first bout of disappointment settled when we weren’t able to bring in the Disclosure fans a promoter was handing out at the entrance.  But as the bass grew louder as we inched closer to the main grounds, disappointment turned into a mild inconvenience.  Stages, merch booths, and rickety carnival rides littered the grounds.  This year, the lineup consisted of electro, trap, and deep house.





The weekend itself had very good sets and great acts that were plagued by awful volumes of sound from all stages except the underground tent.  Just Blaze, TNGHT, Flying Lotus, Crystal Castles, and Flosstradamus killed the stage, but the sound was so quiet, conversations were easily heard throughout the crowd.  We didn’t come for mindless small talk, we came for ringing ears and good vibes.



Duke Dumont – threw down a set that was more appropriate for the after after party, but with the excellent sound quality.  The timbre of the beats in deep house musters the primal urges out of you.


Disclosure – Easily the set of the weekend.  Combined with the sound quality and volume there was no other place to be.  At one point, the bass was so loud, my vision was seriously impaired from the vibrations.  Luckily showing up for Duke Dumont early nabbed us a spot front and center and there was no other place to be.  Bodies were covered from head to toe with sweat paired with huge grinning faces.


Gesaffelstein – When he came out on stage, everyone (Men and Women) stopped to admire his good looks.  Alas, his set was live and the crowd was amazing.  Some of the most fun I’ve had with a crowd at a festival.


Baauer – Turned the naysayers of trap in my group, to Yeasayers.  The visuals, the track selection, and the volume of bass really ended the festival on a high note.

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